In ICM, I have been trying to model a sewer spill connection to a river reach section, with a flap valve between the river reach section to replicate a cso spill directly to the modelled river.

Is the way to do this, simply to connect the sewer link / flap valve link to the River Reach Node at the start of the River Reach section? The image above shows how I have modelled it (I hope that thumbnail expands when you click on it). However, I'm not too confident that that's all there is too it. I notice in the model, 'chamber floor level' which corresponds to the River Reach section is higher than the ds invert of the incoming reach section (and the us invert of the other outgoing reach section), which seems wrong to me.

Any help on this, or if somebody could point me to some guidance on connecting sewer pipes to river reaches in ICM would be brilliant.

Many thanks,