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Thread: Maximum Pipe Length

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    Maximum Pipe Length

    I'm encountering an increasing number of modelling specifications that dictate a maximum pipe length of 1000m in H2OMap. Is there a technical reason for this or is it just a nominal value that has been carried through and adopted over time for (in)convenience? The models are reticulation networks and are not used for transient analysis (where min/max pipe lengths do come into play).

    Smaller pipes would increase the number of nodes thus increasing simulation runtime. If i recall correctly the algorithmic complexity of H2OMap is O~(n^2 m) where n is input data and m is the number of edges. Being in sparsely populated Australia, some of the models I run are quite large geographically so it is not unusual to encounter GIS data where pipe lengths are significantly larger than 1km.

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    Jeff (Bosley007),

    I have verified with our team that there is no limitation in H2OMAP Water that would limit the length of a pipe of any length except that the pipe must have a non-zero length. Any specifications that are requiring a maximum length of 1000 M must come from some other reason as it is not a software requirement at all.

    Models with more pipes would as noted, generally be expected to take longer to run than models with fewer pipes would under similar conditions, but there is no software based reason to limit the pipe lengths to 1000 m that we are aware of.

    Best to you in your modeling efforts.

    Patrick Moore

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    Thanks for looking into this Patrick.

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