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Thread: H20Map Sewer Pump Static Head

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    H20Map Sewer Pump Static Head

    My forcemain has an intermediate high point in it. Meaning the discharge point is not the highest grade along the force main. However, when I review the pump head increase results, the static head does not account for this. It is only accounting for the difference between the minimum wet well level and outlet elevation. This has a pretty significant affect on the pump performance in the model.

    2nd issue is because there is an intermediate high point, there will a portion of the forcemain that will be "empty" every time the pumps turn on so it will not see the TDH of the full length of the forcemain. I'm guessing the model does not simulate the gravity flow aspects of the forcemain and remains "full" for the entire time of the simulation.

    Does anybody have any suggestions or experience with modeling something like this?

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    Are you using the Advanced Force Main Solution for the EPS solution as explained in this blog post?

    Bob Dickinson

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    Yes. My forcemain is broken up into multiple pieces connected using chamber nodes. One of those chamber nodes is the intermediate high point, but the static head in the pump results table does not account for this elevation, only the difference between the minimum wet well elevation and forcemain outlet elevation.

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