I have run some historical rainfall via a continuous sim, and would like to analyse the results to find the frequency of flooding from a (set of) nodes, and the total flood volume for each flood event.

The stats template function appears to be the best for this: when I set it to look at Flood Volume on nodes with flood type Stored, and the threshold to "0" (or a slightly higher threshold if I want to ignore trivial amounts of flooding), the output successfully gives me a row for each flood event, and I can find the flood volume by checking the peak value. However, when I try this with Volume Lost on nodes with flood type Lost, I get events which start when the node first floods, only ending at the end of the sim, and a peak value of the total volume lost across the period of the entire sim.

This seems to be because the Flood volume is recorded on a per-timestep basis (i.e. each time step records the flood volume at that time step) while the Volume Lost is recorded on a cumulative basis (i.e. each time step records all the volume lost prior to that time step).

Is there a way to look at volume lost on a per-timestep basis, or otherwise get the frequency and event volume results I want?

Using ICM v6.5 (for compatibility with the client), but the behavior seems to be the same across ICM v7 and CS v15.