Hello All,
I've been thinking about Operational Water Modelling Systems (or "Live" systems) and it seems to me that there are many different ways these systems can be used.

Examples I can think of include:

  • Reactive analysis of unusual system behavior (say bursts, or customers reporting low pressures/dirty water)
  • Proactive warning &/or management of undesirable levels of service in the system
  • Post incident analysis of what was done, and what could have been done
  • Balancing of storages within a system for 24 hours, a week, longer ?
  • Optimisation of energy/chemical/water sources
  • Longer term water supply source analysis - ie ordering water from a desalination plant, or estimating likely abstraction or snow melt yields

I was interested in any feedback from people doing this type of modelling, and was hoping to start a global discussion group where we can share ideas ... Some of the questions I have are:

  • Are there scenarios I've missed ? I'm sure there is ...
  • What sort of time frames are you typically considering for say a burst or pressure complaint ?
  • Do you find that the systems typically recover quickly (in an hour or two, or does it take longer for operation to return to normal ?)
  • At what point does it change from a "just close the nearest valves" response to a "we need to model this in detail" ?
  • Is all operational modelling all done by control room operators, or are there hydraulic modellers involved in the analysis ?

I'm looking forward to hearing about your ideas and experiences.