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Thread: ICM InfoWorksAgent folder

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    Question ICM InfoWorksAgent folder

    The folder C:\ProgramData\Innovyze\InfoWorksAgent on my PC has 28GB of data that is clogging up my C drive. I am using a local agent only and my local roots are on a separate HDD. Is it safe to delete any of the stuff in the \InfoWorksAgent folder or is there some other way of managing it?

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    There are automatic housekeeping tools under the 'Agent Options' button which should clean these files periodically, you may want to review the housekeeping rules. That being said, as long as there are no ongoing simulations and all results have been moved to the local results folder (or remote results if appropriate), then you can delete the files in the agent working folder. There'll be a couple of config files which cannot be deleted but they will be pretty small.

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