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Thread: InfoWorks CS- Analyzing Lift Station Wet Well Results

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    Question InfoWorks CS- Analyzing Lift Station Wet Well Results

    Is there a way to graph observed wet well levels vs. simulation results in InfoWorks CS? I tried loading the observed wet well data into a Flow Survey- Level but the graph template will not allow me to reference that data to a manhole (my wet well for the lift station). I also tried loading the the observed wet well data as a Flow Survey- Observed Depth, but that must be referenced to a link.

    Am I modeling my lift stations correctly? Should the wet well be a link or node?


    Katie Clayton
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    Austin, TX

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    We have solved this by using a dummy pipe coming off of the wet well. The dummy pipe is a 5 foot long, 2-inch diameter conduit attached to a very small node. The purpose is to be able to use a Flow Survey Depth compared against a link. The pipe and manhole are kept very small so that they do not add significant volume to the wet well. Here is a screenshot of a pump station where I have utilized this method:

    David Garcia
    RJN Group, Inc.
    Dallas, TX

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    That's what we do too. The important thing is to set the pipe invert at the zero level of the depth monitor.

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    In InfoWorks you can’t graph and compare observed data vs modelled results at a manhole. In order to compare your data you may use the downstream of the upstream pipe. If the upstream pipe is not connected to the manhole at the same level as the chamber floor then you can model a dummy pipe. Flow data may also need to be adjusted as in IW we can check depth not level and if the level is not from the bottom of the manhole then this should be changed to depth data.


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    Thanks for your responses! The dummy pipe solution worked. I appreciate your help.


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