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Thread: Graph Legend Labels

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    Graph Legend Labels

    I am using Infowater 10.0 Update 1. Is there any way to have the legends in graphs display the Description of the element rather than the ID?

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    Right click anywhere in the graph. A Graph Control box should pop up. Click on the Legend tab. There, you can change the text displayed by the legend. I don't know that you can have it automatically display the Description. Bear in mind: ArcMap 10.0, InfoWater Suite 8.6, Update #4

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    Darrell -- I wonder if you are taking about previous version?
    ie as still used in infoSWMM. IW 10 (I am using update 2) uses a newer graph engine which just gives Zoom, Lock, Extent etc submenu when one clicks with 2ndry button and Pan. Zoom etc with primary button (depending upon what menu "button" is selected)
    PROPERTIES allow one to show labels (BUT only the default ones unless ones enters a label in the Cusomise table,,, but then it doesn't stick (DISAPPEARS upon Refresh ie on rerun).

    I haven't found anyway of showing other fields (eg (ID) on HGL profiles - as one could in earlier and in infoSWMM ver ) nor
    STEVE, of showing DESC rather than (ID) in Graph Headings [other than using Props to manually change after the graphs is made -- which, unlike labels described above, DOES seem to stay after a refresh.]

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    The dialog of Properties contains three buttons on the bottom left, "Save", "Load", and "Reset". "Save" button will save all user changes to an xml file. "Load" button will load all user changes stored in an xml file into the current graph. "Reset" reset the graph to default settings. Note that custom labels are not stored in the xml file.

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