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Thread: Duplicate objects when copying - ICM

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    Duplicate objects when copying - ICM

    I am using InfoWorks ICM 6.5.

    I have deleted sections from one scenario and copied similar sections in from another scenario. When I look at the model everything seems fine, however, when I run a sim and look at the results some of the sections I have copied have been duplicated.

    I can go back and look at the model without the sim and there is only one node, but in the simulation there are two. Different Node ID (one has an !) but essentially a duplicate.

    This only happens when I copy something from a scenario further up the tree, in the case the base network that we started with

    The scenario has been validated and changes committed prior to running simulations.

    There are multiple users using the model, but each person is using a different scenario.

    Is there anyone who experiences the same thing and has found the reason why?

    This doesn't happen every time, but often enough for it to be a problem.

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    I have also had the exact same issue and I'm interested to hear any reason/fix for it.

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    The ! is an indication that there is a duplicate. That's hard to spot visually because they're in the same place. You have to be VERY careful with the selection of objects to copy, paste and append. Tracing upstream and downstream of the pasted section to be sure of continuity is a good check before siting for ages waiting for a full validation to complete, and even that sometimes seems not to pick up a break. If it does happen, and it seems to happen to me more often that I'd expect, you have to delete the ! node and reconnect the pasted bit to the original node.

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