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  • River build procedure is tedious and “build all” never seems to work

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  • Bridge build procedure is tedious and not related to information we’re liable to have to hand

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  • Sampling bank lines from DTM takes no account of mesh zones, so you have to manually edit

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  • 3D view with river reaches – impossible to tell whether bank lines are good or not

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  • Banks seem to be the place for instabilities, often for no apparent reason

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  • No sediment transport on 2D mesh

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  • GPU – only produced limited data on volume balance in log file

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  • Previous views – more than one would be helpful, as in IWCS

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  • Exporting results – still have to navigate to folder EVERY time

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  • Anything else? Let me know!

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Thread: ICM undocumented features/ niggles

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    Question ICM undocumented features/ niggles

    Having used ICM from the start, I've accumulated a number of niggles, wishlist items and plain old gripes - though I may well have missed some of them being resolved by recent updates. That's part of the problem - there's so much in the program that it's easy to miss things. I've added a poll based on some of my favourites, I'd very much like to know what other users have issues with and see if we can't encourage Inovyze to deal with them. The poll is my starter for 10 (maximum nuber allowed), feel free to post others as replies to the thread or let me know some other way. I aim to have results to present for discussion at the User Day on 19 June - be there!
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