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Thread: Data transfer between InfoNet and InfoWorks ICM

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    Data transfer between InfoNet and InfoWorks ICM

    Hello everyone,

    I am quite new to ICM and InfoNet, and i've been struggling to import snapshot files from InfoNet to InfoWorks ICM. I tried dragging and dropping, like the Innovyze website suggests but it's doesn't seem to work, and when I am trying to import a snapshot file in infoworks the only extension I can import is .isfm, not .isfc. Is it possible to create an asset group or a collection network in ICM?

    Could it be a compatibility issue? I am using InfoWorks ICM 6.5.2 and InfoNet 16.5.2.

    Thanks for any help

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    Hi Eva.
    Create a new mode network, open it. Select network in the top menu bar, select Import - snapshot file.
    Call if you have a problem.

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    Thank you Kristian,
    I have a model network and a collection network in the background with surveyed data. Nodes in the collection network have the same node ID as the corresponding ones in the model network. When i try to update using the -Update from collection network option I get the message: Failed to import because node with the same ID already exists.
    So how does this update work? Do nodes need to have different Node ID but the same Asset ID? Or do I have to first delete the nodes to be updated from the model network prior to the update? What if I only want to update only certain information (i.e. ground level or chamber area)?

    Thank you

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    Select Update existing objects by ID in the dialog

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    But that is an option when using the Data import center, not the Update from Collection Network

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