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Thread: Connecting Pipes and Junctions After Import - InfoWater

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    Connecting Pipes and Junctions After Import - InfoWater

    I used import manager to convert and create pipes and junctions from a shapefile; but the pipes and junctions aren't connected to each other.
    *Each pipe does not have an associated Start and End node.

    Is there an easy way to connect the pipes and junctions to each other after importing them in InfoWater?

    Another post mentioned a proximity Trace Tool in InfoWorks WS, but I don't think it is available in InfoWater (or I just can't find it).

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    If the pipe import did not map the To and From nodes (Note due to the standard field alias values defined in the input tables these are called Start and End nodes in the model explorer) then the software does not know how the elements are connected.

    The model tool to associate nodes with pipes and populate the to and From values is found in the
    InfoWater menu -> Utilities -> Connectivity -> Fill Pipe Connectivity tool. For contextual help on this tool hit the F1 key when the popup window comes up and it will automatically open up specific help for that popup window.

    In the popup box that comes up you will enter a search distance. The value to use depends on the GIS quality but if there is a geometric network in the GIS many use the GIS tolerance value, otherwise many use 1/2 the length of the shortest pipe. Just be careful as locations where multiple nodes fall within the search distance would need to be checked manually as it will select randomly one of the two nodes. If you don't have this issue, then all should populate correctly, but use caution as this can create potential difficulties if the GIS has unknown duplicate "nodes" that were imported. It is best to use this in conjunction with the Orphan pipe tool which identified pipes with missing To and From node information.

    Help File Information
    Fill Pipe Connectivity - Based on a
    user defined tolerance and subsequent parameters, fills the

    connectivity information for all InfoWater pipes based on the graphic overlap of
    the selected pipes. This tool is used to "weed out" very small pipes that
    connect two nodes that are very close together. After running this command, use
    the Orphan Nodes and Orphan Pipes commands.
    (click for larger image if necessary)
    Fill Pipe Connectivity.jpg

    If you need to create nodes the InfoWater Menu - Exchange - Append Nodes tool is very similar except it will create new nodes at the end of pipes if needed. Again use the F1 key in the popup for specific help on those functions.

    Patrick Moore

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    It worked perfectly. Thank you for your help!


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