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Thread: Closed Valve/Closed pipe

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    Closed Valve/Closed pipe

    I have multiple directions I can flow a pump station. Is there a "best" way to do this? Currently I push the up and downstream ends of the pipes to disconnected nodes. This works, but I would rather do something more like in a water modeling software where I can close the pipe as if it is valved off.

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    I assume you have one pumping station and can choose where to direct its flow. This could be achieved in the real world with one pump but with valves on each of the rising mains. Considering that lengths of rising mains and static heads may be diferent for each main (and therefore you achieve different flows up each main) this quickly points to needing to model one pump for each main and to control which pump runs rather the which rising main is open.

    Let's assume the pumping station can pump to two locations (either or both locations) during the course of a rainfall event (but at different times). You could use RTC to control when each pump operates.

    Instead of controlling the pumps with RTC you could add an inlet penstock to each sump and then open and close the penstocks with RTC. This is probably the better way to do it as you can change inlet gate settings to whatever you like using RTC according to conditions of your choosing. This will also help if your pumping station can actually use more than one rising main at a time.

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