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Thread: pump closed due to its inability to deliver head

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    pump closed due to its inability to deliver head


    Just like to ask why my model is having "WARNING: Pump MNF_PS2_8 closed due to its inability to deliver head at 3:08:21 hrs." and "Pump MNF_PS2_8 open but exceeds maximum flow at 18:18:16 hrs" message. I've checked the report manager and it seems that it's not closing down and flow is not reaching the Design flow that I've specified on my pump Modelling parameters which is 277 lps or 24,001.92 m3/d.

    Regarding the first query, I've checked the flow arrows between at 3:00 and 4:00 hour and seems that no reverse flow from other source could've force this pump to shut down. At the same token, the flow being on its normal direction is indicative that my pump isn't really shutting down either. Isn't that correct?

    For the second question, I got no idea what's really causing it.

    please enlighten me.

    Please refer to image below for results i got from my report manager.

    Trying to sort out these warning messages because I want to check if this is causing my yellow light on my model run.Report Manager.jpg


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