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Thread: Do you use SQL queries to build your model or analyse your simulation results?

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    Is there a possibility to set the manhole floor level X below the lowest connected invert? That would be great!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lydia FRC View Post
    I’m working on a project looking at the risk to buildings from flooding and I'm wanting to display 2D results based on categories of risk of damage to buildings which are functions of depth and velocity. The result categories I’m wanting to show are:
    No damage: V<2m/s OR D*V<3m2/s
    Partial damage: V>2m/s AND 3m2/s<D*V<7 m2/s
    Destroyed: V>2m/s AND D*V>7 m2/s
    Is there any way to use an SQL to define a theme for these results categories?
    You should be able to do this with a nested IIF statement. Essentially you would have the following ranges:-

    Range 1: V<2m/s OR D*V<3m2/s
    Range 2: Partial damage: V>2m/s AND 3m2/s<D*V<7 m2/s
    Range 3: Destroyed: V>2m/s AND D*V>7 m2/s

    IIF(Range 1, No Damage, IIF(Range 2, Partial Damage, IIF(Range 3, Destroyed, Other)))

    Each range would need to be defined in the IIF statement.

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