I am in need of any insights for producing a System Curve for a closed system. I have everything setup and when I attempt to run the System Curve on a closed system the model returns a number of errors but it will run in the normal Steady State mode instead of attempting to run a System Curve.

I have read here that emitters are used to help simulate flow through a system to produce a System Curve in the following link -

When I use emitters and I play with the emitter coefficients according to the demand (average day, peak hour, etc..) I get curves that have a wide range but don't seem to correspond. As I mentioned before, the system is closed. I am running a scenario where I need to generate a system curve for a pump that will be operating to keep the system at a minimum of 40 psi at the highest location and know that I need to have 150.3' of head to keep that minimum of 40psi.

Thanks in advance if anybody has any insights,