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Thread: Infoworks WS, Valve %Open vs Flow

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    Infoworks WS, Valve %Open vs Flow

    I created a slow open/close valve using UPC similar to this example (

    Strangely, the flow doesn't ramp up as the valve opens (see image below). Why is this happening?

    Any help is appreciated.


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    Hi Craig,

    I forwarded on your questions to other members of our support team more knowledgeable in InfoWorks WS and here are their initial thoughts on this issue.

    • Flow is determined by the network conditions around the valve.
    • Unless the valve is in a gravity system feeding a reservoir changing its opening will not necessarily increase the flow.

    • If you need further support and cannot find the cause of the problem, please send a copy of your network to the Support inbox ( ) and we can investigate further.

    Thank you.

    Patrick Moore

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