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Thread: InfoWater vs InfoSurge - Numerical Differences

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    InfoSurge vs InfoWater

    It is quite often to hear some typical questions about InfoSurge. For example, is InfoSurge part of InfoWater? Why we need InfoSurge? What are differences between InfoSurge and InfoWater?

    InfoSurge is quite different from InfoWater in many ways. The following describes a few differences, which will facilitate a deeper understanding about InfoSurge.
    First, InfoWater is mainly used to model normal operations and master planning, while InfoSurge is used to model abnormal operations such as pump trip and valve closure.
    Second, InfoSurge resides on InfoWater, which provides basic pipe network elements pipe/junction/pump/valve/tank/reservoir and creates initial conditions for surge runs.
    Third, InfoSurge uses special configuration to simulate the effect of surge protection devices (SPD).
    Fourth, InfoSurge and InfoWater use different numerical methods (see the following table).
    Model/Engine EPANET Wave Characteristic Method (WCM)
    Governing Equations Mass Conservation + Energy Equation Mass Conservation + Momentum Equation
    Numerical Scheme Node-Based Link-Based
    Timestep ~minute/hour ~0.01 second
    Flow Steady State/EPS Unsteady State/Transient/From Initial State to Final State
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    Thanks, Shawn. This is a handy Numerical comparison between InfoWater and InfoSurge.

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    Thanks, Shawn. Most helpful. And BTW I have never noticed any problems -- the (internal) interfaces between the two seem to work very well so I didn't even know* they were different. Well done.
    [*mind you, I have done enough programing in both areas in the past that I should have figered-it-out --- but now days I just USE ]

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