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Thread: Flow Animation in InfoWater

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    Flow Animation in InfoWater

    When turning on the Show Flow Animation nothing happens in my model. What are the adequate setting for something to show up? Does a successful scenario have to be completed or will it show on a yellow light scenario?
    Martin Majnerick

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    Thank you for your question. Enclosed are a few key factors that are important for creating an animation and avoiding common mistakes made using the tool.

    1) You always have to have output to create an animation. Runs with a Yellow or green light are usable.
    2) Always color code your data using the map display before creating an animation so the model data will change in the animation. You can color multiple elements at a time (like junctions and pipes) if desired.
    3) Before you create your animation always set the EPS scenario back to hour zero before creating an animation. The animation creation will always start at the hour indicated in the model explorer. If you are on the last hour of the simulation when created only one "picture" in the animation will show up (the last hour of data). This is a fairly common mistake, so watch out for that when creating an animation.
    (click for larger image if necessary)
    Model Explorer- set time to zero.jpg
    4) When viewing the animation check the following items
    4A) Delay Setting - The hourglass icon. Make sure it uses a nonzero value. Many find something around 500 mseconds a good value to start with. Adjust as desired.
    4B) The traditional "play" button on a DVD player is the triangle. However on the animation viewer this will only move forward one frame at a time.
    4C) the play the animation with what looks like the fast forward button. This will cycle through the animation in a series based on the delay settings starting at the time frame shown. To see the whole period reset the starting time back to zero and then play.

    Key buttons (click for larger image if necessary)
    Animation Viewer- key buttons.jpg

    Button explanations from the help file (click for larger image if necessary)
    Help - Animation viewer buttons.jpg

    Below is a short video demonstrating how to create an animation within InfoWater as well.

    Patrick Moore

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    Just a quick update to this thread:

    The .AVI animation often looks the best and can be used externally from the model so here are instructions on creating an animation using this method:

    Here are the basic instructions:

    1. Run the model and have the current output shown you wish to use for the animation
    2. Set the map display as you want (should be color coding by output data to make an interesting animation)
    3. Set the zoom as you wish to see the model. The current view is what it will use in the animation
    4. Set the time to zero on the EPS Run in the model explorer(Whatever time is shown is where the animation will start)
      1. (click if need a larger image) animation-time set.jpg

    5. Create the animation (I would always recommend using the .AVI function for best looking animations)
    6. InfoWater-> Tools -> Animation Editor: (Save the animation file name by selecting the "..." under .AVI option)
      1. (click if need a larger image) animation- avi file.jpg

    7. Hit Create to create the animation
    8. It will open your default “movie” player automatically with the animation
      1. (click if need a larger image) animation -avi viewer.jpg

    Patrick Moore
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