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Thread: Project Initialization failed error

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    Project Initialization failed error


    Please help me resolve the issue of project initialization failed. How can i make the model initialize???

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    The first thing to check is to make sure no one else really has the model open that you are trying to open. This error is usually seen if someone else has opened the model and will not allow two people to open the same model on different computers at the same time. But, if ARCGIS crashes the routine that clears the lock file when the model is closed is not removed properly and you can get this warning even if no one else has it open.

    The lock file has the same name as the model .MXD file but will have a "~" in front of the name (See below for an example)
    (click for larger image if necessary)
    Lock File.jpg
    If you are sure no one else is using the model file then you can select and delete the lock file and then you can reopen the model and this error should go away.

    Please let us know if you have any further questions or if this does not resolve your issue.

    Pat - Innovyze Support

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    thanks a lot Patrick. that helped me out.I deleted the ~ file and it worked

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