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    Disconnected Nodes - InfoWater

    This pipe,valve, and node tie to a neighboring county and are normally closed unless an emergency arises. The model tells me that the node and valve are disconnected. How do I resolve this issue? Thanks

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    Thank you for posting your question in the forum. This type of error (a disconnected error), will only occur if there is demand on the node downstream of the valve. I just verified this in a sample model. With no demand on the downstream node, and the valve closed, the model will run with a green light. If I put even a tiny demand on the downstream node, the model errors out and both the valve and the node show up in the disconnected node selection set.

    To resolve the issue, simply remove the demand that is on the node downstream of the valve that is likely closed. When you need to model an emergency situation simply open the valve and put a demand equal to what is necessary for this condition on the downstream node.

    This occurs, because the EPANET hydraulic calculation engine used by InfoWater has no way to meet the demand on the downstream node when the valve is closed. Since as a flow based solution one of it's requirements is to meet all demands, it will give an error when areas are "disconnected" from a water source making it impossible for the program to find a solution that can satisfy 100% of the water demands in the disconnected area.

    Please let us know if you have any further questions regarding this matter in a response here and we will do our best to assist you.

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