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Thread: ICM - Importing LiDAR Data

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    ICM - Importing LiDAR Data

    Good morning, I'm encountering some problems when trying to import LiDAR data into ICM 5.0.4 as a ground model grid. The data has been processed (thinned and spliced) by another person and is in a single file as .grd format. In the past I have renamed such files as .asc and the import works fine. However with this one I'm getting an error saying 'Cannot read CELLSIZE from file XXX' - Is this likely to be caused by multiple resolutions of LiDAR within the same processed .grd? If so, is there a way around it? I have also tried a conversion tool to convert .grd to .asc with similar results.

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    I would guess either the file is not in an ascii grid format or that the header is incorrect or incomplete. Can you provide the first say 10 lines of the file?

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    Duncan - the file opened in MapInfo fine, but opening as a text file did not work at all so I'm assuming that there was an 'issue' with the file. I/we imported the data we were after from another grid file which worked fine. Thanks

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