Innovyze is really making an effort to invest further in its Insider Blog and Forum to make both of these tools more useful for our users. This thread is intended to be a place where people could post requests or recommendations for items they would like to learn more about through a more detailed blog or forum post.

Is there a software feature you would like to learn more about but don't have time? Is there software platform you would be interested in learning more about? Are you curious about tips or tricks on how to use the software more efficiently? Is there a feature you use periodically that having a detailed blog post could help you better recall how to use it? These are ideas about the type of concepts we would like to create blog and forum posts to help out with.

This is a slightly different take on the forum, which has typically been about addressing a specific issue in a specific thread. However, this change is intended to expand the functionality to also share knowledge of the software, help users better understand typical industry modeling methodologies for key tasks, as well as increase the general knowledge our users have regarding model functionality. It is hoped this will further the knowledge of our users and help them develop modeling skills so they can get the most out of the software they are using.

If there are particular topics you think would be useful to you or that might help out other users, please feel free to post a comment below with your suggestions and or requests. Initially, most of these will focus on InfoWater, H2OMap Water, and H2ONet functionality, but we will look to add topics specific to InfoWorks in the future. If you can note the software you are making the request for in your post, it would help us understand your request better as well. We will review the requests and do our best to use these to help guide the development of future postings.

We would greatly appreciate your assistance in helping the Insider Blog and Water forum be of better use to our users. Please post to this thread topics of interest you would appreciate learning more about or seeing a more detailed blog or forum post about.

We at Innovyze genuinely want our users to be the most successful modelers they can be and would love to share whatever knowledge we have learned and used in the modeling industry as a resource. If there is something that would help you be a better modeler, please let us know and we will do our best to help using the Blog and forum resources.

Thank you!

Innovyze Support