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Thread: Demand Allocation Scaling

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    Demand Allocation Scaling

    The demand data provided for my model was given and entered into the model as a gallons per month total. My model is set up to run in gallons per minute. What factor would I put in the Allocation Scaling Factor line when on the Demand Allocation Manager window in order to make the demand data be used accurately when running the model? Using InfoWater software

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    In essence, it will depend on what month or months of data were used. If it used multiple months to get the results it is best to figure out the specific number of days used and first convert your Gallons per month to Gallon per day by dividing by the appropriate number of days for that month or the average number of days if more that 1 month of data was used. You will have to determine for your specific data which number of days makes the most sense.

    Once that is known you can either use the scaling factor in the demand allocator, or simply use the group edit feature in the demand input table after the allocation is completed. The one advantage many modelers seem to like about scaling using the input tables is that one can more easily to a check of total demand allocated if the totals for the allocation match the total's in the point file used for allocation. I have also seen many people make the conversion in the demand file as most customer meter records do not store usage in GPM anyway and require a conversion factor. Many people just add a new field to the data set and convert the usage in that new column of data. Then they use the converted usage value in the allocation process.

    GPM = GPM *1 Month/'X" days * 1day/1440 minutes. Just figure out the appropriate number of days (i.e. "X" which is 31 for July and August, but only 30 for June), and make the conversion where it is easiest for you.

    To manually edit demands after allocating here are the primary steps:
    Click for a larger image:
    Manually adjusting demands.jpg

    Step 1: Go to the Demand table in the DB Editor

    Step 2: Highlight the demand field and select Block Edit

    Step 3: Enter in the global multiplier and hit OK

    Step 4: Save and close

    Please let us know if you have any further questions or comments.

    Innovyze Support
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