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Thread: Disconnected nodes at links from GIS data

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    Disconnected nodes at links from GIS data

    I'm having an issue with network data imported from GIS. In several instances, a node will spatially overlay a link and not be connected to it. It's a big problem at loops where the connectivity trace doesn't identify it... usually I spend a few minutes scratching my head wondering why there's a 5 psi drop between two nodes 10 ft apart

    In Infoworks WS, is there a way to identify all the nodes that are 5 ft, for example, from a pipe that it's not connected to?

    Currently, I'm using a hack in SQL to count the number of links attached to a node. But, it returns a lot of false positives and requires visual inspection, which is difficult in large networks.

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    Hi DCJ,

    It sounds like the Proximity Trace tool would help. Model (menu) > Tracing Tools > Proximity Trace. Please refer to Help (press F1 after opening the Proximity Trace dialog) for more info.

    You can also contact if you have further questions.

    Kind regards

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    Hi DCJ,
    Here is an excerpt from the InfoWorks Help regarding the proximity Trace Tool:

    The proximity trace tool tries to detect nodes, (usually with only one pipe connected although you can choose to search for nodes with more than one pipe connected), that lie within a certain distance of another pipe. This may indicate a connectivity problem, and the node should in fact be connected into the pipe.

    Use the Search button to look for nodes that fall within the Search Tolerance distance of another pipe (by default, only disconnected nodes, or nodes with a single pipe connected are included in the search).

    Further search options are available at the bottom of the view:

    Check the Include Nodes With More Than One Link option to search for nodes with more than one pipe connected

    Check the Search within the current geoplan view option to only search for nodes currently displayed in the geoplan

    Check the Include Connected Coincident Nodes option to search for coincident nodes connected by a link. This option is particularly useful when importing objects from GIS which are represented as nodes in GIS, but links in InfoWorks (for example, valves).

    Check the Do not create zero length parallel links option to avoid creation of a pipe with length of zero when coincident nodes connected by a link are snapped into a pipe. (For example, this option should be used when snapping in valves that have been imported from GIS point data.)

    Selecting one or more detected nodes from the list will select the nodes on the GeoPlan View and zoom the view in on those nodes.

    Click on the Snap to Pipe button to attempt to connect each of the selected nodes into the adjacent pipe.

    Click on the Snap All to Pipe... button for the option to automatically connect all of the nodes found by the Proximity Trace into adjacent pipes.

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