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Thread: 2D Mesh - Combined / Storm flooding review

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    2D Mesh - Combined / Storm flooding review

    Morning All,

    I am currently working on a project in ICM using a 2D overland mesh to evaluate known flooding locations.

    When viewing flood depths, is there a way to distinguish between flooding from the combined system and the storm system? A simple grid report of the manholes and splitting the total flood volume by system and % is do-able, however I was thinking something more advanced such as a visible trace of flooding from manholes of different systems. Can a pollutant be used for this? I should note that I have the model set up so rainfall does not fall on the mesh where there are subcatchments.

    Any ideas or experience?

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    Yes, a dummy pollutant is one way forward. Concentration at the flooding location gives you the proportion. Or you could do separate scenarios with respectively only the storm and combined systems as 2D nodes, but you might miss out on interaction that way.

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