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Thread: convert map.mdb to NAD83

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    convert map.mdb to NAD83

    we have two on going projects, and we would like to update the Map.mdb for both to NAD83. One currently is in 27, the other does not have a reference but was done in 27. I created new databases with the exact same naming conventions and converted the data to NAD83. I was hoping to just paste the new Map.mdb over the old ones. We tried to open one and got an error "unable to locate node geometry". These map.mdbs appear to be just personal geodatabases. Do they need to be implemented differently? Or is there a better method to updating the Map.mdb?


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    While this procedure was originally created to InfoSWMM, the basic procedure is the same for InfoWater. The only differences is you will be using the IWDB folder in InfoWater and at the end you will update all nodes and pipes in the Update DB from Map step. Try re-projecting the Map file using this procedure.

    If you still have issues after trying this procedure, please send us an email with the model to and we can investigate further and help you resolve this issue.

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