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Thread: Modelling a Turbine Pump Station

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    Modelling a Turbine Pump Station

    Please help, i need to model a Turbine Pump in Infoworks WS, i can´t find any info or samples how to do it, Error say´s i need to input negative values in "nominal l/s" and "maximum RPM", do it but seems to no work..

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    Hi, could you please send a screenshot about error message to

    The following is copied from the help file.
    The TURB mode of operation is used to model turbines. These are modelled as pumping stations working in reverse: the pumping station upstream node is treated as the turbine outlet and the downstream node as the inlet. Therefore the duty head is still positive but the duty flow and speeds are negative.

    On/off status is specified by Pump Status Flags were 1 = ON and 0 = OFF. If there is more than one turbine in the pumping station, the turbine status is entered for each turbine in the order that the turbines are specified in the Pump Data Page of the Pump Station Property Sheet.

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