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    Currently, I have an InfoWorks CS model that includes a raw water system from one reservoir to another. Raw water needs to go through a number of filter beds at the u/s end of this system.

    I have been asked to model these filters beds and the most important thing is to account headlosses that occur due to the presence of gravel within a filter bed.

    At this moment, I modelled these filter beds as an OREC conduit, but not really sure how to apply this type of headlosses.

    Does anyone know or aware of the approach that can be used in my case?



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    Note: This is a duplicate of what I posted in your other thread about filter beds.

    Hello Dmitrijs,
    You may be able to model this as a head discharge link in IWCS or using your OREC link define a user defined head loss curve for the filter bed.
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    Hi Dmitrijs, You may also want to consider representing the gravel aspect of your filter bed using the permeable pipe solution. See the SUDs and BMPs technical note in the help topics for more details.
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    Hi Robert,

    Thanks for your reply.
    You mentioned that this can be modelled as a head discharge link in IWCS.
    Could you please correct if my methodology is not correct?

    I have done the following steps:
    1) calculated head discharge curve for the u/s pipe.
    2) calculated headloss values through the filter beds.
    3) subtracted headloss values from the head values of the initial head-discharge curve.
    4) used new head-discharge curve values for the head discharge link

    In my understanding, InfoWorks should give me the headloss that i subtracted, but I am getting much higher headloss and I am struggling to understand why.

    Is the methodology of applying headlosses using head discharge link correct?



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