I'm having some trouble initialising a 1D-2D ICM model where I receive the following error in the time-set log:

Halving: H: SZ95997852.1-, Q: SZ95997852.1-, N: , Reason: Cond Sing
Message 261: Too many time step halvings - cannot continue.
Message 317: SIM will now attempt a new initialisation phase with a phase in 10**4 times the value in simulation parameters.

The initialisation keeps trying to increase the Sim param until it can't go any further (presumably).
I have tried increasing 'Max number of timestep halvings - initialisation' in the Sim params to 30 but I still get this error.

I am also not sure what 'Cond Sing' refers to, and I can't see anything wrong with the long-section near SZ95997852.1.

Anyone's thoughts would be much appreciated!