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Thread: Rescuing checked out network from oversized database (IWCS)

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    Rescuing checked out network from oversized database (IWCS)

    I wasn't paying attention to my database size, and it ended up going beyond the 2 GB limit of CS. I have one network checked out that I really need to save because it is the final improvements for a project and I cannot check it in because of the IWM size. I tried copying things in the Admin tool to a new IWM, but I got an error that the checked out networks would not be copied. Any suggestions?

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    Doesn't it let you delete other networks to reduce the size? Once the size is below 2GB ,you should be able to checkin the network.

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    Sorry if this reply is too late to save your network, but for future reference you can always export the checked out network to CSV, then re-import it to a fresh Master database.

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