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    2D Mesh - Experiences

    In large events, I wouldn't expect the property drainage to convey all the flow away from the building. And I'd also expect a large amount of predicted flooding to be unreported - particularly if...
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    Re: Modelling Combined Outfalls

    It looks like your "outfall" isn't an outfall,flow will be controlled by the link downstream.
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    Re: ICM simulation controller

    The Sentinel Admin Control Centre is -some_help in working out who's using what, but doesn't show what's queued.
  4. Tools for parsing exported data (HYQ/C1D files)

    HYQ files are space delimited text, from memory the format was described somewhere in the HydroWorks documentation but it shouldnt be too difficult to work out.

    Alternatively the data can be...
  5. Updating part of an existing 2D mesh with new topographical survey

    You could try defining two 2D areas, one for the area covered by the LiDAR and one for the area covered by the topo survey, but this might create issues along the edge (also, I dont think you can...
  6. Re: Level file bug ICM (32 bit) June 2017

    My first instinct would be to check the datum applied to the .lev file values.
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    The ones on this reach didn't seem to have much flow going through them, with the gaps between the larger branches blocked by twigs, leaves etc. I'm inclined to think porous walls may be the best...
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    Modelling of informal woody dams - ICM

    We're trying to represent a reach in ICM which contains some informal woody dams - build ups of branches and woody debris which impede flow but may get dislodged by higher flows. Is there any...
  9. We've modelled lots of small ditches as mesh...

    We've modelled lots of small ditches as mesh level zones,or just using LiDAR data, with 2d outfalls connected to 1D links for bridges and the like.
    This seems to have some stability benefits c.f....
  10. For future reference, I think the problem here is...

    For future reference, I think the problem here is the lack of a space between the eastings and northings. Editing the DAT file to include a space here makes the import work (but may break...
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    FEH13 rainfall

    We've been asked by one of our clients to look at using FEH13 rainfall.
    As far as I can see, FEH13 isn't directly supported by ICM. The output from the FEH web site is a table of rainfall depths for...
  12. Modelling externally driven water levels within the 2D zone

    We have an ICM model which contains a length of canal running through the middle of the 2D zone. Some sections of surface water sewer discharge to the canal and hence its levels affect flooding...
  13. A couple of thoughts

    Adding swales will create different and probably smaller triangles in the area where the swales are. You can't really avoid that.
    But you can
    a) specify several mesh zones and only remesh those...
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    Results at river cross sections - ICM

    I'm trying to analyse some results for a simple 1D river reach in ICM. Flooding is predicted at various points along the reach.
    Is there any easy way of getting a report of depth of water above bank...
  15. Sorted it, to my own current satisfaction

    Following Will-Rust's suggestion, opened the DAT file in Excel and pulled out the x,y,z data for each cross section
    Then used the open data importer to import these as if they were surveyed data.
  16. Thanks, but I'm still confused

    Not all of my cross sections are georeferenced, but those that are are fully georeferenced like this:
    01_10337u ...
  17. I don't have a GXY file, but I do have a GIS file...

    I don't have a GXY file, but I do have a GIS file of the node locations and of the cross section lines. Does anyone know how to create a gxy file from that? (I have ISIS available but am not that...
  18. Importing partially georeferenced ISIS model to ICM

    I have an ISIS model which contains XYZ data at cross sections. However when I import this into ICM, the cross sections are not geo-referenced at all.

    There are some structures within the ISIS...
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    Culverts in 2D models - ICM v6.5

    Wouldn't that tend to under represent headloss at the entrance and exit?
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    Culverts in 2D models - ICM v6.5

    We have a 2D mesh which includes a number of embankments. These have openings through them which would ideally be modelled as culverts with culvert entry/exit losses, however this doesn't work as...
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    That's my experience too. Use a number of mesh...

    That's my experience too. Use a number of mesh zones to vary the mesh size sensibly.

    In concept what you're trying to do (use 1D links to transfer the flood flows onto the 2D mesh) should work,...
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