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January 22, 2018, 08:56 PM
I updated InfoWater to v12.
However, I have a problem.
I successfully run a simulation. However, when I perform and try to run a simulation, it only refreshes the screen, but it does not show the scenario manager.
Also when I try to the report manager or when I try to create a graph, I get the message WARNING: unable to insert new report/graph child window!
I have a 7 seconds video showing this and I could share it via e-mail

Patrick Moore
January 23, 2018, 08:33 AM

What exact version are you running?

If you were below version 12. or 12.1 and updated, you would need to do a full uninstall/reinstall as we moved the locations of certain Dlls in version 12.0 and 12.1 to make better use of common DLLS on multiple modeling software platforms we have that run in ArcGIS.

Go to this page for Updates and note the Red Text the note about needing a fresh installation.
Link: http://www.innovyze.com/updates/

Select Water Distribution in Product Area and InfoWater in Select Product and then choose the highest number version you see to get the latest version: Here are the links shown as of today's date, but go there to get the latest.

InfoWater/Suite 12.4

InfoWater/Suite 12.4 Update 001 for ArcGIS 10.0-10.6 (218.66 MB), 12/28/2017 (http://www.innovyze.com/updates/download/?loc=3&file=InfoWaterUpdate124001.exe)
InfoWater/Suite 12.4 Update 001 Full Setup for ArcGIS 10.0-10.6 (224.69 MB), 12/28/2017 (http://www.innovyze.com/updates/download/?loc=3&file=InfoWater124001.exe)
Full Installation file. For users with version 12.0 or older that requires FRESH INSTALLATION (previous version needs to be uninstalled before installing this version)

If you either update your ArcGIS version (like 10.3 to 10.4 or 10.5) or are going from any InfoWater version 12.0 or lower to 12.0 and higher you need to do an uninstall/reinstall of the software or you can get some very odd behavior of the software as it will generally not know where to find the correct dlls it needs to run properly.

If you still have issues please reply to this thread:

Patrick Moore

January 25, 2018, 08:22 PM
I am using 12.4 Update 1

Other bug, is that sometimes I cannot visualize the water age. I can visualize flow, headloss, diameter and everything. But when I go to water age, it does not plot the pipes.

Patrick Moore
January 26, 2018, 03:50 PM

Did you run the checks noted in the previous post?

If not , we would recommend uninstalling and reinstalling. I just ran a few tests on 12.4 Update 1 for both a chlorine constituent and water age and had no difficulty in displaying results for either. This may mean you have either an installation issue, or an issue with your specific model.

If you are still running into issues after an uninstall/reinstall try doing a model rebuild using the procedure below as this often will resolve any display issues that are model specific.

1) You can also try a model rebuild
using this procedure as this can resolve many an issue with the Map
file if it had gotten corrupted. But be aware that if the actual DB
files were corrupted this may or may not resolve the issue.

Procedure to rebuild and InfoWater Database

This procedure will rebuild the IWDB folder. This procedure is helpful

For the instructions below, Model1 is the original model and Model2 is the rebuilt model.

1. Open the original model mxd file. Do not initialize the mxd file.

2. Save the original model mxd file to a new name (Model2).

3. Remove element layers Junction, Tank, Reservoir, Pump, Valve and Pipe.

4. Press the red arrow to initialize Model2 and in the Create New InfoWater Project dialog box, select Same as active map.

5. In the Create New InfoWater Project dialog box, we would recommend in the Project GeoDatabase Type: File GeoDatabase.

6. Press the OK button.

7. Save Model2 and close ArcMap.

8. Copy everything except the Map folder from Model1.IWDB folder into
Model2.IWDB folder. (Important: do not copy the Map folder.)

9. Open Model2.mxd and initialize the model.

10. Go to the InfoWater dropdown menu, Utilities -> Update Map from DB -> Force Full Network to redraw the network.

11. Go to the InfoWater dropdown menu, View -> Reset Display.

12. Go to the InfoWater dropdown menu, Utilities -> Database -> Reindex.

13. Go to the InfoWater dropdown menu, Utilities -> Database -> Pack.

14. Go to the InfoWater dropdown menu, Utilities -> Database -> Clean.

15. Save the model

If you do have a valid model Annual Maintenance contract I would also suggest emailing us at support@innovyze.com so we can look at your model in detail.

Let us know if you have completed an uninstall/reinstall as well as a model rebuild. If those things do not solve your issues please let us know, but that will solve most problems we can think of that can cause issues in the map display.

Patrick Moore