View Full Version : How to update node geometry after pipe geometry update via GIS Gateway in InfoWater?

December 1, 2017, 08:51 AM
After updating the geometry for some pipes in our model through the GIS Gateway, the nodes no longer line up with the shifted pipes (visually, and presumably geographically). Is there a feature/function in InfoWater to automatically update the node geometry to match the updated pipes?


Patrick Moore
December 1, 2017, 03:28 PM

It may be easiest to send us an email at support@innovyze.com so that we can help you in more detail. Without seeing your model it is difficult to give a precise answer as to what is occurring in your model.

But here are a few initial thoughts:

Here are links to a couple of youtube videos on the GIS gateway that show how create and update clusters work. This may help you in identifying what occurred and how these should be setup to work properly along with a demonstration of what they do.

a.http://youtu.be/3N3hdXMC0qw (http://youtu.be/3N3hdXMC0qw) - Part 1: Introduction to the GIS Gateway

b.http://youtu.be/89C7b80jejM (http://youtu.be/89C7b80jejM) – Part 2: Demo of GIS Gateway features

Other simple things to check that could play a role:

If you are doing an "update existing records" type exchange cluster did you check the "Update Geometry Data" This checkbox is necessary to update the element geometry
Is your model spatial projection and the GIS data spatial projection identical? Check close as there can be slight differences between the many "state Plane" spatial projections in the US that will alter the coordinates used. These would need to be identical in the model and the GIS for the update to correctly place the pipes in the right location.
Are you using a tabular join or a spatial join in the exchange cluster? Tabular join is the most stable and preferred way to use the GIS exchange.
Are you running the latest version of the software? Perhaps you are on an older version that is resolved in the current version. Download the latest version if InfoWater via this Webpage: http://www.innovyze.com/updates/ . As of today we are on InfoWater 12.4

Please contact us here or at support@innovyze.com (please refer to this forum post) if you need further assistance.

Patrick Moore