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June 8, 2017, 07:06 AM
good afternoon,

In InfoWater I have an error message, 'Input Error 203: Pipe P975 refers to undefined node'.
But I can not find the pipe in the network.
Does anyone have an idea how to fix this error?

thank you.

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Patrick Moore
June 8, 2017, 04:38 PM

It sounds like you may have 2 issues 1) Where is pipe P975 and 2) what is casing the 'Input Error 203: Pipe P975 refers to undefined node' error.

What I would recommend is to first switch to the BASE scenario of your model so that all nodes and pipes are active. In your current scenario there is a chance that P975 may or may not be active. However, the error you received usually occurs when an active pipe has either or both the start and end node that are either undefined or inactive when the pipe is active. If you fix that the error usually goes away.

If it is not that, you may have a more complicated situation. Here are a few things to consider if that occurs:

When in the base scenario can you see pipe P975? Can you search for it in the BASE Scenario using the InfoWater-> Utilities-> Locate-? Pipe command?

Can you use the If so verify that it has proper nodes for the start and end nodes. If it is not visible then look for it in the DB Editor in the Element Geometry Data -> Pipe Geometry and Connectivity table.

If the pipe is not visible in the BASE scenario you may need to rebuild your model Map file. You can test it by first completing the InfoWater Menu -> Utilities -> update Map from DB -> Force All network command to have it redraw your pipes and nodes. If one or more pipes or elements did not draw correctly something may have corrupted the Map file.

Here are instructions to rebuild your Model Database:

Procedure to rebuild and InfoWater Database

This procedure will rebuild the IWDB folder. This procedure is helpful

For the instructions below, Model1 is the original model and Model2 is the rebuilt model.

1. Open the original model mxd file. Do not initialize the mxd file.

2. Save the original model mxd file to a new name (Model2).

3. Remove element layers Junction, Tank, Reservoir, Pump, Valve and Pipe.

4. Press the red arrow to initialize Model2 and in the Create New InfoWater Project dialog box, select Same as active map.

5. In the Create New InfoWater Project dialog box, we would recommend in the Project GeoDatabase Type: File GeoDatabase.

6. Press the OK button.

7. Save Model2 and close ArcMap.

8. Copy everything except the Map folder from Model1.IWDB folder into Model2.IWDB folder. (Important: do not copy the Map folder.)

9. Open Model2.mxd and initialize the model.

10. Go to the InfoWater dropdown menu, Utilities -> Update Map from DB -> Force Full Network to redraw the network.

11. Go to the InfoWater dropdown menu, View -> Reset Display.

12. Go to the InfoWater dropdown menu, Utilities -> Database -> Reindex.

If you don't find it is a simple issue of a node inactive when you can find the pipe, and you have an up to date Annual Maintenance contract you may want to contact us at support@innovyze.com and send us your model to investigate.

Patrick Moore

Patrick Moore
June 8, 2017, 09:21 PM

As it looks like you are a new user here a few quick tips that may help you get a quick grip on InfoWater:

The first is to consider running through the Quick start tutorial installed with the software in section 3 of the user guide. There are example models loaded with the software for you to use.

Quick Start Tutorial:
In the Start-> Programs -> Innovyze-> InfoWater menu open the InfoWater
User Guide

Or you can browse to this directory: C:\Program Files
(x86)\InfoWater\Help\InfoWater Users Guide.pdf

Section 3 of the UG is a quick start tutorial that is good to get the basics

I would recommend the main exercises and the extended tutorials for Fireflow and
scenario management to get a good overview

Sample Models for tutorial

The sample models used in the tutorial are found in this directory:

Other Hints:

If you are in any InfoWater pop-up window hit the “F1” key
to get specific contextual help on that window. This is very helpful
if you want to know what a particular button or setting in that window
The first time you start the software you may need to enable the InfoSuite extension to allow ArcGIS to
run. This is found in the ArcGIS menu -> Customize -> Extensions. Make sure the “InfoSuite” or “InfoWater" box is
To start the software you have to initialize the model. This is the big red arrow next to the
InfoWater menu See this blog post to see what it looks like http://blog.innovyze.com/2015/07/17/how-to-fix-a-model-that-will-not-initialize/
If you need further assistance please contact Technical support at Support@innovyze.com or call 626-568-6869
Blog and Forums:

Also visit our User Forums here: http://forums.innovyze.com/forum.php .
This is a good resource of information. (You already found this one though!)
Insider Blog: http://blog.innovyze.com/ Another good source of information