View Full Version : EPANET Model Runs but InfoWater Model Does not

May 22, 2017, 07:04 AM

When I attempt to run my model in InfoWater I get a partial model run " Hydraulic run failed or aborted: Only Partial Results available". When I export my model to EPANET it runs with no error message. My model is an extended state model. Do you know what the issue might be?

Patrick Moore
May 22, 2017, 02:26 PM
If that occurs most likely there is an issue in EPANET and it would only be seen when you look at the results to notice several hours had most likely questionable results.

If there are hours where accurate results were not obtained (like pressure values in the negative millions or something) due to a tank running out of water you could have this occur.

The best way to tell is to set your InfoWater report options to use a "full" hydraulic status and to generate error messages. When you do this you can see what happened and specifically why it crashed.
Report options for Troubleshooting (click if need larger image)

When set this way re-run the model and open the report button next to the model Run button and look at the warning messages at the end of the report.

It will indicate why it stopped the model run, but it will allow you to see results up until the crash (i.e. partial results available)

InfoWater can sense if results after a certain time would be meaningless whereas EPANET does not and the modelers experience is needed to know something is wrong with the results.

The most common is very large negative pressures indicating the head results given are essentially meaningless. This can occur if EPANET loses a known head value by a tank going 100% full or 0% full and closing the pipes connected to the tank.

Put all your tanks in the domain and do a tank group graph and if you have a tnak going full or empty right before the crash that is almost always the cause of the error.

Patrick Moore