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January 29, 2017, 04:19 PM
When I run a simulation the Run Manager dialog box gets yellow. I know it is a warning message, but there are several possibilities. The InfoWater help shows 7 possibilities.
The report only shows the Analysis began time and the end time.
Is there a way to get the message and to know what is (or what are) the problems?

Patrick Moore
January 30, 2017, 12:45 PM

Warning messages are written to the status report, but only if key settings are marked in the Report options.

In the run manager on the Standard tab, open the "..." to the right of the Report Options.

Make sure the Hydraulic Status is set to "FULL" and the "Generate Warning Messages" checkbox is checked.
(click if need a larger image)
Once this is set simply re-run the model and then open the "Report" button (just to the right of the run button in the run manager) to see the run report.
Location of run report (click if need larger image)

When in this report, press Control-F to search and enter in "Warning" or "War" for short and it will cycle through and find each of the generated warning messages in the full hydraulic status report. I find the full status report will tell you the most information on what is occurring and is the most helpful in diagnosing a problem.

A yellow light occurs when one or more warning messages are generated in the solution of the model. These should always be checked when they occur so that the modeler can determine how confident he can be in the model results. Certain warnings are more of a concern that others, but it is only by reviewing each warning message that you can determine if it requires changes to the model or not.

This run report will always provide good detail regarding each warning message

IF you need further details on what each warning message means simply search for "Warning Messages" in the help file.

Warning messages in InfoWater (click if need larger image)

Warning messages are generally due to disconnected nodes, issues with pump operation, negative pressures at demand nodes, or that the model failed to converge.

If you need further assistance in this matter, please reply with your additional questions in this thread.

Patrick Moore