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Jon Lefers
May 20, 2013, 07:24 AM
Below is a start of a list of suggested improvements to InfoSWMM - feel free to add to this list! Since I'm a water resources engineer, this list is stormwater focused, but it is not intended to be exclusively stormwater. Also if there are items in this list that you would love to see as well, feel free to add another vote to some of these improvements. Hope this helps!

And I would also just like to reiterate how much I have loved the support and quick responses to issues. Thank you!!!

- When using NRCS methodology, it would be really useful to also be able to separate impervious (CN 98) and pervious (CN X) within the subcatchment and have the runoff computed separately (e.g. like how in SWMM runoff methodology, impervious and pervious is computed separately). Separating the impervious and pervious greatly increases the appropriateness of the CN method for single event storms in urban conditions, and right now, I have to arbitrarily split subcatchments to model these separately.

- Have an inlet line graphically showing what overland junction it is linked to (similar to how subcatchments are shown to their receiving nodes)
- Bug: When an overland junction ID is changed, it does not automatically update in the inlet editor
- Ability to copy inlet parameters. Currently, once the inlet editor is opened, you can't exit until all the applicable parameters are non-zero. If there was a way to either exit out once it was created while still having zero parameters (so that the values could be edited in the DB editor) or be able to copy inlet parameters from another inlet while in the editor, that would be really handy!
- Field to have a percent clogged that would reduce the capacity of the inlet. I work in a number of municipalities that require inlet reduction factors to be applied, and it would be awesome if these could just be straightforwardly applied rather than editing the actual geometry of the inlet (makes for harder QC).
- Small Bug: tabbing in the inlet editor skips a line.

Jon Lefers
May 20, 2013, 07:27 AM
(Part 2 as the forum settings didn't seem to like the long post)

- Have Maximum HGL be the first profile in the pulldown list rather than the last. It's the one I'm almost always most interested in, and if output interval or time span for the model is changed, right now, if maximum hgl was the profile, when you hit refresh, it will then show the profile number in the new list which isn't the maximum hgl.
- ability to set view defaults for resetting the display (not sure if it can already do this - I haven't looked closely on this one).
- Output relates - being able to right click the relate and have an "update" option versus having to go into "edit" to update. Also in the output relate parent, have an option for "update all".
- When you split a conduit with a junction, it'd be nice if there was a preference option to interpolate or a pop up window that came up that asked "Do you want the conduit inverts to be interpolated at the new junction?"
- when autolength is on, have the length of the conduit update when the node is moved (not just when the link is re-drawn)
- Have an option to update lengths based on calculated lengths (either individually or global / domain edit) (maybe this is an option already - I haven't looked too close for this)
- preference setting to be only able to select active elements (not sure if making only active elements visible addresses this?)
- Have different symbology for "domain, active" and "domain, inactive"
- being able to use shapefiles and rasters for subcatchment parameters / delineation that are in "group layers" versus needing them in the default ArcGIS tree. This would make for better GIS map organization.

Jon Lefers
May 20, 2013, 07:28 AM
(Part 3 of 3)

Attribute Browser
- have a calculator button to compute upstream invert, downstream invert, or pipe length given two of the former parameters and slope.
- Preference for switching upstream and downstream rows (in the case where you're working from downstream to upstream, the downstream one is entered first)
- Have a line that has "Facility status" and have it show up as active or inactive, and be able to change it there as well (could also have this for domain with a yes or no?)

River hydraulics (I realize EPA SWMM doesn't have this functionality currently as well)
- being able to set ineffective flow areas
- being able to explicitly model bridges (like HEC-RAS)
- having a user-defined weir geometry (for road overflows)

- Outlet help menu is outdated compared to current input screen
- Bug: Head-outflow rating type reads depth instead of head
- Bug: if an outlet rating relationship is missing, model just simply won't run and it doesn't return an error at all.

Robert Dickinson
May 21, 2013, 12:37 PM
Hello Jon,
Thanks for starting this thread and having great suggestions

Regarding the NRSCS hydrology impervious and previous area splitting you can currently use the GIS Gateway to make a shapefile of all of your Subcatchments and their associated data. You then can import the same shapefile back into InfoSWMM using the same GIS Gateway command where you can edit the DB tables to have just impervious and pervious areas - each Subcatchment becomes two rows in the DB Table. One way then can have a CN of 98 and the other row a pervious area Soil Type A, B, C or D CN.


Robert Dickinson
May 21, 2013, 12:57 PM
The link invert calculator is a good idea, I currently use the two new pipe lengths to interpolate what the absolute offset elevations are for the links. If you have zero offsets then of course this is not an issue as the link has the same invert elevation as the inserted node. Regarding the auto length calculations, we do require that the DB be updated from the Map to recalculate the new length after a node is moved. I think that requirement makes sense though it would be nice to see the new length right away.

it would also be good to see inactive domain elements in a new color or as otherwise distinguishable in the Arc Map Table of Contents. Right now if you make an inactive element part of the domain it is listed as domain in the Arc Map Attribute Table.

Robert Dickinson
July 29, 2013, 09:52 AM
Hello Jon,

I did want to mention that in the latest update of InfoSWMM v12 or Update 8 available from the download directory on www.innovyze.com (http://www.innovyze.com) that we have added the ability to import Inlets using the GIS Gateway command so this great speeds up the capability for created Inlet Objects in InfoSWMM and H2OMap SWMM.

Changes and Improvements for InfoSWMM 12.0 Update 8

An Improved Interpolation of the Calibration time series when the time series exceeds the number of plotted points in H2OMap SWMM or 8808 points. This will allow better matching between the H2OMAP SWMM report time step and the time series interval in the Calibration Data Set on the same graph in Report Manager.

Speed Improvement for the 2D Map and 3D Display of the InfoSWMM 2D simulation results on the mesh using the InfoSWMM Animation Viewer in the Tools Menu

Added Junction Inlet to the import categories of GIS Gateway. This now allows users to import thousands of inlets into their larger models.