View Full Version : Surge Head Profile in H2OMap Surge

December 15, 2016, 06:31 PM

I am performing a surge analysis using the surge extension in H2OMap and I'm viewing results using the Graph Report - Surge Head Profile.
I've noticed that the graph does not plot the head upstream and downstream of pump links. For example when i view the 'graph' results it looks as though the maximum head experienced is ~385m, but if i switch to the 'report' view and sort the head columns in descending order i can see that the actual maximum head is >400m at the pump station downstream node. I've noticed that the report view doesn't include any length for the pump station links so this is maybe why they are not included in the graphical head representation?

Is there a way to rectify this so that I do not have to reproduce the head profiles in excel?


Patrick Moore
December 29, 2016, 10:32 AM

Would you be able to contact us at support@innovyze.com with this question as we would like to have you upload your model for us to investigate further? Please reference this forum Post and CAS 124227 in your email if possible.

Thank you,

Patrick Moore