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September 6, 2016, 06:12 AM
Just wondering if you can run an animation on a selection set or a domain?

Patrick Moore
September 6, 2016, 10:15 AM

It's not 100% clear which product you are using, but for our non-workgroup products like InfoSewer, InfoSWMM, (and InfoWater) or our H2OMap products (Sewer, SWMM, or Water), You generally create an animation after using the Map display to change how elements look.

If the product you are using can apply the map display to just the domain (InfoWater can) one could use that to limit the map display to just certain elements in the domain. But even when that feature is unavailable there is a workaround you can easily do in InfoSewer and InfoSWMM.

This is an alternative advanced method workaround if you only wish to show the domain in the animation and "hide" other elements but still use the hydraulics of the entire active system as the basis of the run. Here are the steps is to do so that you may consider:

1) Run the model on the entire system
2) Select which elements to add to the domain and then choose the "Inverse" button on the right to temporarily switch the domain to the elements you don't want. Create a selection set of these elements to use later called "remove" or whatever you prefer. Then clear the domain and add back the elements you want to display and then close the domain manager.
3) Open the facility set manager. Select the option of selection set and choose the one named "Remove" and press the "Remove" button in the facility manager to make these elements inactive. The run was completed with these active, but this will "hide" these elements from the display.
4) Create a Map display as desired for each element type desired. This would likely include a creation of a map display for your pipe elements and the key point elements like manholes (or junctions for water) at a minimum)
5) For each element type that a map display was created right click on that element in the table of contents and select properties. Then, go to the "Definition Query" tab and create a query that will hide the inactive elements. Examples are: "Manhole.MOTYPE" <> 2, "Junction.MOTYPE" <> 2" or "Pipe.MOTYPE" <> 2. The key is to chose all elements with "MOTYPE" field = 2 (inactive) to not be shown. This will effectively hide the elements NOT in the domain from view and you can create an animation now with just the elements in the domain visible and color coded.
6) Once the animation is completed, reset the display and remove this definition query from the elements added and the model will return to it's typical view.

This is somewhat advanced, but can be a helpful workaround to limit the map display to only a domain when necessary.

Hope this helps.

Patrick Moore