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May 11, 2016, 05:45 AM

I'm getting an ERROR 10126 that states "project setting 'C:\USERS\ACROW\DESKTOP\WATER MODEL - CURRENT\FULL_SYSTEM_042916.IWDB\Project.ini' does not exist". I then checked in that project folder and could not find the .ini file, but found it in my output folder. I tried to copy that .ini file from my output folder into the project setup folder and then got another error, ERROR 10128. This error states "invalid project database folder 'C:\USERS\ACROW\DESKTOP\WATER MODEL - CURRENT\FULL_SYSTEM_042916.IWDB'."

Any thoughts? I've posted a few screenshots of the existing folder schematic before I shifted things around.

Shawn Huang
May 11, 2016, 08:41 AM
The .IWDB's ini file is different from .OUT folder's ini file.

There are quite a number of files missing in .IWDB folder including Project.ini. Those files got missing likely because the saving to network procedure got interrupted due to security or bandwidth. Please try to find another copy of model with complete files. You are welcome to contact our support line 626-568-6869 and send an email to our support inbox support@innovyze.com.

May 11, 2016, 08:46 AM
Hi Shawn,

I was worried that might have happened. Thanks for the input!

Patrick Moore
May 11, 2016, 09:50 AM
Aaron, (acrow)

Yes looking at your IWDB folder it does appear that files are missing. During the save procedure (if you are using a virtual DB feature which is typical) the software first deletes the data in the IWDB folder in the saved location and then copies over the virtual DB to the saved IWDB folder location. If during that process as Shawn noted something interrupted the save process due to a security or bandwidth issue, or computer crash, one or more files in the IWDB folder could fail to copy and the error noted would pop up when you tried to reopen the model the next time.

When this occurs there are a two primary options

Option 1 - (Best) simply use the last known backup of the model on the network. This model is sure to be in good shape and with most backups on networks done on a daily basis may only cause the loss of at most one days's work. This requires little modeling skill, and ensures you have a good model, but results in the loss of work from the last save.

Option 2 - (also good, but can be tricky) - If when you see this error, you have not initialized any other model in the software you can often recover the virtual DB and manually copy it back up to the saved model location. However, if other models have been initialized before you grab the files, there is a chance that the virtual DB data could have gotten overridden and so one should use caution. The Virtual DB folders for most users are stored in the C:\ProgramData\Innovyze\Temp folder in a folder that is named IWXXVDB (where "XX" is a number like 1,2,3, etc). Inside that folder you will find one or more IWVDBX folders. One of these is the virtual DB folder used by your model. If you look at the file dates of the files within these folders you can often identify which was associated with your last model. If you can, you can copy this file back to the saved model location and rename the existing IWDB folder to a new name and rename the IWVDBX (where X is also a number) folder to match that of the previous IWDB model folder. (Example. original model was Model1.IWDB, IWVDB1 folder is copied up. Rename the Model1.IWDB folder to Model1-old.IWDB and rename the IWVDB folder to be Model1.IWDB and then open the Model1.mxd file and initialize) Now when you initialize the model it will use the data from the virtual DB folder and you should be all set. The tricky part is ensuring you get the correct IWVDBX folder, so use this method with caution as this procedure is kind of "advanced" for most users, but is a possibility that can capture everything that was done in the model up to the save that went wrong.

We know of certain users who have known internal network bandwidth issues who deal with this periodically. The most common workaround they use is to save the model locally and then manually copy the model up daily to the server at the end of the day so that it get's backed up. This way you essentially eliminate the chance of a bandwidth error causing an issue in the save, but still have the files getting backed up. If you find this occurs with any regularity, this workaround may be something you can consider.

We hope this helps you to resolve your issue and in the future.

Patrick Moore

May 23, 2016, 01:03 PM
Hi Pat,

Thanks for the response! I passed this along to my coworkers and this should help a lot in the future. I ended up just going back to an earlier version.

All the Best,
Aaron Crow