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Patrick Moore
April 15, 2016, 10:43 AM
We recently had a case where a user asked how to create keyboard shortcuts in InfoWater. Since other users may find this useful, we decided to post the method here in the forum on how to create keyboard shortcuts in InfoWater.

Keyboard shortcuts in InfoWater are created using ArcGIS customize functionality and are pretty easy to create and may save time for commands that are used often.


Open the Customize window in the ArcGIS Customize menu tab and select Customize Mode
Select “Keyboard” in the popup window
Scroll down in the “categories” list to see groups of commands. Select the InfoWater command you are looking for (They are generally grouped by either menu list or by toolbar grouping)
Select the specific command you wish to create a keyboard shortcut for
Select a keyboard shortcut key. (note it will tell you if that shortcut is currently assigned to another command. If it is just choose a different shortcut key. Some form of CTRL, Shift, and/or ALT with a letter or number will generally often work best)
Press the assign button to assign that keyboard shortcut for that command
Repeat this process for any other commands you wish to use
Hit the close button twice (one for each window) to return and test out your keyboard shortcuts. If done correctly you will find they now serve to run the commands assigned to them.

Commands screen capture (click for larger image if necessary)

This process can be used to create a keyboard shortcut in InfoWater for commands that are used often. Any command shown in the list can have a keyboard shortcut assigned to it using this method.

Please reply to this post if you have any comments or questions.

NOTE: This methodology can also be used with any Innovyze products that use ArcGIS such as InfoSewer and InfoSWMM