View Full Version : Can not Select Pipe/Features In Model.

March 22, 2016, 07:25 AM
I need help on this one. I created a model based on shapefiles for the pipe, valves, tank etc and I seem not to be able to select any of the features in the model. Can you help figure out what the problem is??

Patrick Moore
March 28, 2016, 07:19 AM
Kate (gritgrind)

If you have completed an import but are unable to click on the elements, it is likely that something unexpected occurred in the import process. There are many things that could potentially cause this, but most likely there is either a spatial projection issue or a geometry issue. Can you clarify what software platform are you in?

Try this as a start if you can see the elements in the DB tables, but don't see the elements where you expect them (if using InfoWater):

First. right click on one of the model layers in the table of contents and select zoom to layer. If it is a spatial projection issue the elements were created, but could appear offscreen due to the coordinates of the elements. This is often a quick way to check if this occurred.

If you find this has occurred, it the data is showing up in a different location most likely because the model spatial projection is not the same as the data being imported. Often at this initial stage it may be easiest to resolve this issue by assigning the spatial projection of your data to the model and reimporting the data, but its is difficult to say for sure without actually seeing the model and the data. If you start with a new MXD file (don't initialize the model yet) and have one of your layers you want to import added (that has the spatial projection defined) to the table of contents and then initialize the model (hit the red arrow) , you can tell the model to use the same as the background layer as the spatial projection of the model. Now when you import your data should align with your background data after importing.

It may be easiest to assist you by sending a help ticket to support@innovyze.com with a few screen shots of your issue if you are still having difficulties or if this is not the cause of your issue.

Patrick Moore