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Darrell D
February 8, 2016, 10:43 AM
I have been having issues with importing using the GIS gateway. All junctions that are imported do not maintain the Feature ID from the GIS. They are assigned a new ID according to the ID Prefix in the Preferences. The Feature ID is maintained for pipes but not for junctions. I have done this many times before, but it is not working this time. My GIS team has added an underscore to the GIS feature ID since my last import. The underscore has been added for both pipes and junctions. I don’t know if this is having an effect. Has anyone else had this issue?

InfoWater Suite 11.5, Update #6

Patrick Moore
February 8, 2016, 02:46 PM

If you would like it might be easiest if you sent this question in as a support request to support@innovyze.com so we could look at your model together.

But based on what you have shared I would check the following as they may resolve your issue

Have the ID's changed? - If as you noted the ID's are now slightly different in the GIS and the model, the exchange would not be able to match GIS ID's and model Id's to existing elements and would assume that all of the elements are new as it cannot find these elements in the model.
NOTE: If you need to have the model match with new ID's you likely are going to have to first update the old ID's to match the new ID's used in the GIS in a spreadsheet, and use this field to run the Change ID feature (InfoWater menu-> Utilities-> Change ID) to first adjust the model ID's to reflect their new ID's. Use the Set rows button to change the number of rows to match the ID in the GIS. You will have to run this tool for every element type where the ID's have changed in the GIS (junctions, pipes, etc). Use the "Set Rows" button to update the number of rows to match the number of id's being changed. It is recommended to make all of the ID changes in the BASE scenario.
Do you have the Create unique ID's checked in that GIS gateway exchange cluster? When this is used this should add a prefix to the ID's pulled from the GIS. Leave unchecked if you don't want new records to add this to the ID.

Unique ID checkbox - (click for larger image if necessary)

Please let us know if this resolves your issue or if you are still having issues.

Patrick Moore

PS: One last thing Version 11.5 Update 6 is not the latest version of the software:

Here is a link to download the latest updates which include new functionality not available in version 11.5 in case you are interested: http://www.innovyze.com/updates/

If you need to stay in version 11.5 we would at least strongly recommend updating to the latest version of 11.5 that works with ArcGIS 10.1-10.3 using this link to update to 11.5 Service Pack 1: http://www.innovyze.com/updates/download/?loc=3&file=InfoWaterUpgrade115100.exe