View Full Version : InfoWater Error when running scenario

November 16, 2015, 08:38 AM
When running a scenario I get the following error

System Error 110: cannot solve network hydraulic equations.
** Run failed **

** Error: hydraulic simulation failed due to ill-conditioned error **

Any ideas on what could be causing this error?


Patrick Moore
November 16, 2015, 09:51 AM

Thanks for your post. According to the help file error 110 is as follows:

110 - An analysis was terminated because the network
hydraulic equations could not be solved. Check for portions of the
network not having any physical links back to a tank or reservoir or for
unreasonable values for network input data.

The solution matrix becomes ill-conditioned in these cases because it cannot identify a known head value to use as the starting point for a portion of the system as there is a part of the system it can't link back to a tank or reservoir. Check as noted for areas where the system is getting disconnected and causing this issue. Is a tank going empty or 100% full before this error occurs? Run a tank group graph set to % Full and look for tanks going full or empty. Once they do either they can get disconnected by EPANET and can potentially create an ill conditioned situation and may be the cause.

Please reply back if you have difficulty finding the problem with this new information and we can assist more as necessary.

Innovyze Support