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October 29, 2015, 12:31 PM
I have a set of pumps that act as Booster pumps in my system. Is there a proper way to model these or just model as regular pumps by assigning a pump curve and other vital info?

Patrick Moore
October 29, 2015, 03:30 PM

Since this would essentially be a typical pump in a model, Yes, just define it as a normal pump and add the necessary pump information.

Most pumps used in a model generally fall into to either these two categories: well pumps or booster pumps. Well pumps boost water from a groundwater source into the system, while "Booster pumps" are typically used to boost water from one zone into another zone. Essentially a pump in the model is any device that adds "head" to the water to allow it to be moved from a lower head zone to a higher head zone. A pump imparts energy to a fluid thereby raising its hydraulic head. The relationship describing the head imparted to a fluid as a function of its flow rate through the pump is termed the pump characteristic curve (http://forums.innovyze.com/Curves_and_Patterns/Curves.htm). Pumps are modeled as Nodes in InfoWater.

Pumps can be defined in InfoWater in four ways:

According to the help files this is the key information needed for each of the four types to enter to use that type of pump in the model. Use this as a guideline for the pumps you want to add and it should let you know everything you should need:
(click on image for a larger version if necessary)

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