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October 8, 2015, 02:53 PM
Good afternoon,

I am currently building my first "from-scratch" model in InfoWater. I have all scenarios operating without issue, but when I run the engineering validation manager I get the following error "Pump has inadequate characteristics" for four of my pumps. My question is this: does this suggest that the pump is not adequately sized for its use, or does it suggest that information is missing in the model? I can't find any information about this warning anywhere, and I'm worried that I'm missing something.

Thanks for your help!!!

Patrick Moore
October 9, 2015, 12:54 PM

Thank you for posting your question on the Innovyze Water Forum.

This type of warning is typically issued when the pump as defined is missing a key piece of information that is needed to run a model analysis. An example might be a Constant horsepower pump not having the HP defined or a Design pump lacking it's Design Head or Flow value. (See example images below)

Constant HP Pump missing data example:
(click for larger image)

Design Point Curve missing Design Head or Flow example:

If you look at the "Field" column it will identify what data was missing that generated to warning.

Further details on the Engineering Validation manager can be seen when you open the Validation tool under the InfoWater--> Tools --> Engineering Validation Manager. When you open this window you can see in the Valid Value Range if there is an acceptable range. In the case of this particular warning it is blank because it was looking to see if key data fields were populated. If key data is missing, the warning will indicate which field is a problem in the "field" column of the validation results. This shows up as a Warning Level of 1 as the missing information is a critical piece of information the model needs to run.

Engineering Validation Manger Window
(click for larger image)

When at the Engineering Validation Tool window you can also press the "F1" key to bring up specific help regarding this tool as well.

If you still need further assistance, post the field name and how the pumps were defined and we can further troubleshoot the specific issue in your model or just contact us at support@innovyze.com for further assistance.

Also, one last note. Just to clarify in case it was not clear, this message is not making any assessment of the pump capacity, it is simply letting you know key information for the pump still needs to be entered.