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June 16, 2015, 11:48 PM
Please if anyone could help me with the merge model command. I have been trying to merge 2 models but its not taking all the elements.
for Ex. Model to be merged is having 500 pipes and 600 nodes and its taking only 36 nodes and 78 pipes. please try to help me in this regard.114

Patrick Moore
June 18, 2015, 08:12 AM

I am glad you also sent this directly to Innovyze support and that they have provided a resolution on this issue for you.

to Quote the resolution passed on by Taylor from our support group " The dialog below will only list pipes/nodes in which there is a unique ID conflict. Out of the 500 pipes and 600 nodes you are trying to import, only 36 nodes and 78 pipes share an ID that is already in the model. If you were to continue through with this import process, the Merge Model tool will automatically resolve these conflicts for you. In this case node J10, in the model that are trying to merge, will be imported and renamed SCT_J10. "

Problems occur when elements in the original model have ID's that are identical to ID's in the model being merged in. This is a problem because the ID for any given element must always be unique in the model database for a given element type. Thus in InfoWater, a pipe and a node can have the same ID (one is a line and one is a point) , but a node and a valve cannot (as they are both point elements).

In this case the software is identifying first where these are and offers suggested Alternate ID's to avoid a problem. This is a handy tool that helps identify ID conflicts. In the past users would export elements form one model and import them directly into the new model. This would lead to problems when there were ID conflicts. In those cases the model would update the geometry of the element in the original model with the geometry of the new element in the model being merged in. The Merge model tool was setup to help avoid this problem.

The merge model tool will allow the user to identify a prefix to add when conflicts occur, so that there will be no ID conflict. Alternatively, although it involves significantly more work, a user can also manually change all the ID's in the merge model by adding a prefix to all its elements before importing as well so that all merged elements are unique. I have done this in the past by copying the element ID's to Excel and using the excel Concatenate feature to add a prefix to the ID's and then used the ChangeID tool (InfoWater-> Utilities -> Change ID) to change the element ID's in bulk. This procedure is repeated for each model element type. Once all ID's are updated, using either the merge model tool, or an export and import of elements will bring the elements in without conflict. But as you can see, just using the merge model tool and updating the ID's with conflicts on import is much quicker. When I was modeling as part of an engineering consulting firm, we would often use the more difficult method, simply because we found it useful to know which elements were from the old model and which were from the new as they were often constructed with different methods and this would help us always be able to identify which elements came from which model. As is the case with any model, the user has to decide what is more important to them and which methodology works best for their particular case.

For the benefit of the forum, I am adding a screen capture of the Merge Model Dialog so users can see where the prefix (or suffix) can be added when ID conflicts are identified. The merge model dialog box is found in the InfoWater dropdown in the ->"InfoWater-> Exchange -> Merge Model" location.

Merge Model Dialog Box (click for larger image)

Please feel free to contact us if you still need further assistance at Support@innovyze.com .

Innovyze Support
Patrick Moore