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December 23, 2014, 11:20 AM
Hey guys,
I have installed the InfoWater version 11.5 on my computer (fig3.png). However, when I was installing the Capplan Water 11.5 by the Setup file, after clicking "Yes" for "Software License Agreement" (fig1.png), a message "CapPlan Setup requires the lastest update of InfoWater v11.5 installed on your system" pops up (fig2.png). Even when I try to re-install the version 11.5, the same message pops up. Does anybody know what may be causing this? I have attached the screenshots for showing
Thank you!
Diogo Reis899091

Robert Dickinson
January 2, 2015, 12:59 PM
Hello Diago,
I have heard from our CapPlan Water experts that

... when he updates the InfoWater itself the vertical products are going to be updated automatically. The InfoWater Vertical Products are /UDF, Capplan, Surge

You can also send us questions to support@innovyze.com

Bob Dickinson