View Full Version : Infonet - Display clarity

R Williams
November 25, 2014, 12:55 AM
Hello everyone,

I'm seeking some tips/assistance with Infonet.
We use Infonet to manage highway drainage investigations and repairs on behalf of Wiltshire Council in the UK. Part of this task involves using the collected survey plans to show the location of defects.

However, because of the apparent disparity between what is displayed on screen and how it is printed, some of the node labels - used for identifying locations and repairs - are obscured either because they're overlain by other labels, or the nodes are clustered too closely together.

Is there any way to move the node labels away from the node points slightly to allow better presentation?

We've tried adjusting the font sizes, but the display disparity between print & screen means we can end up with labels that are too small to read.

Any tips and advice greatfully received, as currently we can't really use Infonet to generate our repair plans due to the issue.

Kind Regards,

Richard Williams